PO Box 56, Plato, MN 55370
    MN Office phone 320.238.2193
    Cell phone 320.212.5294 (Karl) 320.583.4181 (Carter)

    (2023- 2024)

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    This agreement is made between Southern Oaks Training Center, Inc., a Florida corporation, located at 25750 CR 46A, Sorrento, FL 32776, being the landlord, and:

    Hereinafter the "TRAINER".

    Southern Oaks Training Center and TRAINER agree as follows:

    1. Southern Oaks Training Center shall provide to TRAINER (#) horse stalls at its Training Center in Sorrento, Florida for the sum of $1990.00 each, per season, October 14, 2023, thru May 1, 2024. This includes a $40 stall stripping fee, which is refundable, if stall is stripped upon departure. A $540 deposit, per stall, must be returned with this request and before any horses arrive on-site. $1450.00 is due and payable by December 31, 2023. In the event that the TRAINER requires fewer stalls than the number requested , the deposit will be credited to the account, provided the stalls are rented for the season by another party.

    2. Southern Oaks Training Center shall provide to TRAINER (#) paddock(s) at the rate of $1500.00 per season with a deposit of $100.00 due with this request. Paddock(s) may only be occupied by horses paying stall rent. The balance of $1400.00 per paddock is due and payable by December 31, 2023.

    3. Southern Oaks Training Center shall provide to TRAINER, for their caretakers, on a space available basis, (#) dormitory rooms at the rate of $1375.00 each, per season. This fee includes a damage deposit of $200.00 per room, which is refundable upon satisfactory inspection at departure time. Fee for replacement key is $30.00 each. No pets are allowed in the dormitory, no exceptions.

    4. All unpaid balances will be assessed a late fee of 1.5% monthly (18% annually), on the 1st of the month, beginning January, 2024.

    5. Southern Oaks Training Center shall provide access to and use of the track. Southern Oaks Training Center shall provide containers for and disposal of all bedding/manure. All other trash must be properly disposed into dumpsters provided.

    6. TRAINER shall hold Southern Oaks Training Center, Inc., its principals, agents, and employees harmless from any injury or damage to horse(s), Trainer, Trainer's employees, guests, and their personal property. Trainer accepts full responsibility to obtain adequate insurance to cover any risk of injury and/or damage incurred at the Training Center. Southern Oaks Training Center is not responsible for anything left upon departure of trainer or their stable. No equipment or animals shall be sent to the Center without your representative present.

    7. Southern Oaks Training Center reserves the right to close the tracks during inclement weather, to prevent the need for repairs that are expensive and time consuming. 

    8. TRAINER must pay, on demand, for any damage done to the Training Center by horse(s), Trainer, Trainer's employees or guests.

    9. TRAINER may not sub-lease stalls, paddocks or dormitory rooms.

    10. It is the policy of Southern Oaks Training Center to exclude undesirable persons from its property. Southern Oaks Training Center will, at all times protect itself from possible liability incurred by such undesirables.

    11. In the event Southern Oaks Training Center must enforce its rights hereunder in a Court, TRAINER shall pay Southern Oaks Training Center attorney's fees and court costs if Southern Oaks Training Center prevails.

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    This is the entire agreement between the parties who agree to be legally bound by it.

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